Power of Self Esteem for Activists

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Activists are always putting themselves at the service of a collective interests. But what we can offer others is dependent on what we bring in our selves. 

The Power of Self esteem is an intensive two day process to equip activists to resolve trauma & enhance leadership for social justice.

The gathering teaches tools and skills that develop your ability to enhance your self-esteem, and to awaken self-esteem in others -a gathering

Self-esteem is the way we measure our own self-worth. Most people are unaware of this, but both our happiness and personal effectiveness fluctuate with the level of our self-esteem.

The course allows you to transform the way you see yourself and your true personal qualities, and unhook your self-esteem from your verdict on past performance, or even how you happen to be performing at the time. You learn to connect with your full potential and create what you are really capable of, instead of driving yourself with fears that add unnecessary and unproductive stress into the process. One result is that you become more open to critical feedback, and more able to benefit from it. You develop a deeper, more real connection with those who are your partners, and the way you are with them helps them access and enhance their own true self-esteem.

The Power of Self Esteem was developed by the Kairos Foundation and is delivered across the world today.

See what other activists have said about the training:

See what other activists have said about the training: